Sunday, July 11, 2010

The River Rhine

We spent several days travelling down the River Rhine and are currently on the River Main. The countryside is GREEN, GREEN, GREEN!!! Such a rich delight.
The weather has been very hot, up to 35C and quite humid. There have been at least 2 tours offered each day but today we decided on taking part in the morning tour only. Most tours include quite a bit of walking and as the sun sets at about 10pm the afternoon walks can get quite warm, especially on streets with cobblestones.
Everyone seems to have flocked to the camping sites along the river for the Summer holidays and even in the cities people walk along the edge of the river late into the evening.
We have had the opportunity to sample some of the wonderful beers and wines and ice cream rather than coffee and cake ;-))
There are many locks in this part of the river so bus tours have been organised to take us to some of the small historic towns while the boat navigates these locks.

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  1. Now that looks like the good life!! Sounds wonderful.