Monday, January 27, 2014


Traditionally on these hot Summer days I cocoon myself indoors and work on textile art pieces. 

Back in the 90s it was pieces for the "GOWN OF THE YEAR".

These days it is the FIBRESPACE group which gets the creative juices going. With so much to concentrate on the days pass very quickly. One idea leads to another and before I know it I have the year's pieces done and dusted.

This is the first of the pieces for #WHATEVER!   the title being #status quo #vintage. 

It was inspired when I looked through some vintage magazines that we found in the shed at the shacks. The fashion pages brought back memories from my childhood and the days when I would design my own paper doll fashions. 

This time I researched some 50s fabric designs and using photographs set out the design using PhotoShop. I then printed the result on to white cotton using my Epson R2880 printer which produces a washable result. An additional print of the 50s designs in a slightly smaller  format was used to create the 3D dresses. Some stitching using a quilting wadding adds to the 3D effect.

Summer 2014

2014 started off with a heatwave and bush fires! 

Several fires were started by lightning, one of the most devastating at Bangor in the Lower Flinders Ranges. 

Most of the affected areas are in  gullies which are not inhabited but some farms and 75 percent of the Wirrabara forest has been destroyed. It is at times like this that I am so glad I take photos everywhere I go. Tucked away in my files are some  lovely memories of that place. I hope it won't take long to regenerate. 

This has had an effect on Carly's role as Tourism Officer for the region as she works with operators to ensure everyone knows there is still plenty on offer in the region despite the media coverage of the fires.

High tide and hot weather bring perfect conditions for an early morning swim. We headed down to the shacks and despite the smoke haze it was a beautiful experience as we lazed about in the water while the temperature began its climb to an unbelievable 46 degrees.

The Smoke haze  hovered over the town for several days until there was some respite when it finally RAINED.