Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seaside Fantasy

This week I have been working on some photos for a family who wanted to capture all the girls together while they were visiting their parents.

Only a couple of hours for taking photos and with the late afternoon sun bouncing off the water .... an interesting challenge.

Not to mention a toddler who's only desire was to get into the water....... ;-))

The Grandmother also wanted a fantasy image of the two little girls... now that was much easier ;-))

Saturday, May 22, 2010


My second piece for the ADAPTATIONS exhibition features a favourite old woollen dress from the late 80s that I had stored away in case I might need it.
I loved that dress, not sure if the children enjoyed being seen with me when I wore it ;-))

Recently an artist friend who does some amazing work with felt discussed the latest trend of felting old woollen garments and then using them to make hats and bags etc. I thought of all those garments that John managed to mangle in the wash ( sorry John but it is true ) ... what a wasted resource... then I remembered the dress....

After some serious washing, some internet research regarding patterns and a bit of imagination .... 1 woollen dress = 3 hats.
In retrospect I think some time in the drier might have been less harsh and easier to monitor as I have a front loading washing machine ... once the cycle begins there is no return...
However I am very pleased with the result and after they go on tour with the exhibition I will no doubt look good when doing the shopping in the 3 freezing days we get each year ........ ;-DD

Friday, May 21, 2010


I always find I have a massive rush of ideas immediately after I have completed a project. It is almost as if I need to empty out the old so the new can find a place to hatch and grow.

Following the FACE UP exhibition and the wedding I realised I only had a couple of months to finalise work for all my other ART's committments. With some new space in my head for creative thought I managed to come up with a couple of ideas ;-))
The theme for Fibrespace 2010 is "Adaptations" with one suggestion .. to use up the many things we hoard in our work areas...

I began by fossicking around in my STUFF ( there is lots of it ) and found some bits and pieces that I thought would go together well. I also managed to find some goodies in John's shed... tile spacers and rusty nails ;-)

The restriction for this exhibition is size... everything for each piece has to fit into a standard reusable shopping bag.

In my collection phase I found an old foam head stand and that set the theme... First I made the papier mache head with the final layer being some of my marbled silk.

I thought a simple Egyptian style headpiece would fold easily to go in the bag ... the rest was pure PLAY with quite a bit of sitting in the sun handsewing... lovely ... ;-)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Foggy Morning May 2010

This week we were treated to a real "pea souper" of a fog. This followed a whole day of rain following a l o n g warm spell. I headed out for a couple of hours to photograph as much of the mood as possible, you never know when an opportunity like this will come again ;-))

The Arid Lands Botanic Garden provided the greatest delight with hundreds / thousands of dew covered spider webs glistening in the soft morning light. The area near the lookout with quite a few skeletons of bushes against the softer greener foliage was very atmospheric with webs attached as embelishments to twigs and grass.

The Curdnatta Photographers are holding an exhibition to coincide with the ARID sculptural event "Adapt or Die" hmmm... quite a bit of material I could use ;-))
Quite a few ideas for a sculptural piece for the FIBRESPACE group's entry as well.
You can view the images in LARGE size at Flickriver.
.Georgie Sharp - View my 'fog' photos on Flickriver

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Creating Moody Images

The Lansdcape Group at PhotoArt Gallery.Com provides a monthly challenge. This month the theme is DARK, GLOOMY, GOTHIC and I have been having some FUN.
I have taken some images from my stock of photos, that have been stashed away in files waiting for the right moment, and compiled some extraordinary images that I would not have attempted otherwise.
The secret has been trying to interpret the MOOD and surprisingly a couple of these were taken on bright sunny days with full shadow, the black and white interpretation is the secret.
Generally there are 2 photos superimposed with the moody skies transforming the image.

Thankfully the Curdnatta Photographers theme for the month is BLACK and WHITE
... very convenient ;-))
You can find the images at...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Curdnatta Gallery

The opening of the Curdnatta annual May Exhibition was well attended and a friendly supportive atmosphere prevailed. Ellenor Day the Local Arts Officer officially opened the exhibition commenting on the great work and the valuable assets provided by the gallery and the art group. Morning tea was a hit and people took time to renew old friendships and catch up on the latest news.

The opening was followed by the Curdnatta Photographer's meeting ... what a hoot... such a great group of people...