Saturday, October 17, 2009


October brings the Annual General Meeting of the FIBRESPACE textile artist's group. This is the meeting when we plan the topic for next year's travelling exhibition. A FUN and creative experience with lots of laughter and often unpredictable results. Members travel from all over the state and this meeting will be held at Edillilie in the middle of Eyre Peninsula.

People will be bringing along their pieces for the collaboration with The Rocky River Riters, a small additional exhibition to our annual exhibition. Members have chosen one or more written works to be depicted through Textile Art. I have chosen some of my marbled fabric to create the "Sea Dragon" and added a sheer gause to give the effect of being under the sea. The "Survivor" is an image of a tenatious tree that grows in the Port Germein gauge , printed on to silk and quilted and beaded. You can click on the images to see them large.
The pieces from "Fibre Frolics" (this years exhibition) will continue to be toured and exhibited in country venues across the state.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Melbourne International Festival of ARTS

We spent a wonderful few days in Melbourne visiting Tamsin and John and experiencing some of the amazing productions that were part of the Festival.

Transe Express opened the festival and although the night was cold the free event was well attended and quite spectacular.

Leonardo's Last Supper was interesting.. a half hour of video effects that explored the painting of the Last Supper and revealed some intriguing patterns and symbolism... shades of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code ;-)

The London Philharmonic Orchestra was SUPERB and the Hamer Hall was the perfect venue offering excellent views so that the orchestra could be seen as a living organism , working in perfect unison and harmony.

The surprise event was Cameron Carpenter's performance on the Melbourne Town Hall's amazing traditional organ......... the Town Hall R O C K E D that night !!!

You can see a slide show of the visit at...