Tuesday, October 23, 2012


This year both Curdnatta Art Group and FIBRESPACE got on board with this event  and a lot of fun was had deciding what to do and how to create a sculpture of sorts with combined effort. 

We did consider the possibility of windy or wet weather in Spring but we hadn't counted on the weather being quite so extreme. Nevertheless the pieces remained remarkably in tact and delighted many of the visitors to the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden during September and October.

Curdnatta's piece "On the Edge of Extinction" depicted birds in various stages from glory  to mummified state to looking quite decomposed. 

FIBRESPACE explored the idea of artists on the edge of sanity or the desert hatching new creative ideas with their "Hatchlings". 

You can see more at http://www.facebook.com/FIBRESPACEINC 

September Visit to Melbourne and Hobart

I can't believe the last two months have passed so quickly!
It is going to take a while to reflect on all the things that have happened.

Not long after our trip to Arkaroola I headed over to Melbourne to spend some time with Polly while Tamsin was in  in Mandurah (WA)  making a short film with the amazing Back to Back Theatre.  For a while I thought that John would be away too and I would be alone with the lovely Polly but John's Australian adventure via Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra shooting stories for the Canberra Diaspora project had been postponed till the following week .... Phew...

I did Baby sit for a couple of days but the rest of the time was spent exploring the neighbourhood, going to the zoo and when Tamsin came back a shopping trip to the city with an amazing lunch at the Sushi Bar... pity you fell asleep then Polly.

As Polly had just turned one she was in demand as a guest at Hugo's Birthday Party along with Maggie  an experience I haven't had for quite a while.

After Melbourne I headed down to Hobart to spend some time with my sister Steph and although it was cold and a bit damp we managed to have a few good days of photography. Mostly it was good food, coffee and cake and sleep ins and lazy afternoons which were quite enjoyable. Steph especially enjoyed the quiet pace as it was school holidays . We did go out for lunch with a few friends for her birthday

We also managed to visit MONA again where there was an amazing display of bark cloth from the Pacific Islands. I managed to take some reasonable photos and have had one printed on canvas for the dining room ... my own little piece of the Pacific.