Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 2 Kuala Lumpur

Today we travelled to Malacca with the very knowledgable and talkative Mohammed our "praisworthy" tour guide.

I know more about the history or Malaysia now and have a better understanding of the succession of rulers that shaped the country.

Mohammed also explained the "mind set" of modern Malasians around development and the reasons why this country is expanding so quickly to compete with other Asian destinations. We also saw the extent of the suburban development and the infrastructure of highways and toll roads that are necessary to service the expansion.

Visiting Malacca was like stepping into the past with the opportunity to view architecture and practices no longer common.
It was also great to see so much of the countryside which is palm trees and jungle as far as the eye can see... green, green, green. Of course the day ended with a thunderstorm and we hope to start a fresh shiny new day again tomorrow ;-)

I will continue to add images to Flickr.

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  1. Seems wonderful so far - can't wait to read the next installment ;-)