Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gallery Exhibition

One of Curdnatta's past members is holding an exhibition at the gallery in June. The opening  turned into a reunion for old friends and Srirling residents and was turning into quite a social event when all of a sudden all the smoke alarms at the gallery went off in unison. 

Now this creates quite a noise because the safety requirements stipulate that every room in the gallery must have a an alarm so there were at least 12 alarms blaring.

The cacophony continued until the fire brigade in full regalia attended and set about finding the offending alarm.

No fire but an event to remember as we had to continue our conversations out side.

Spending time with Polly in Barhum

It is time to catch up on a few happenings that I have been remiss in posting here.  

Back in May we spent a week with John,Tamsin and Polly in Barham, a little town on the border of New South Wales and Victoria. 

It took us a couple of days to drive there, staying over night in Mildura.

We acted as Nannies while the adults were working on a project for the Melbourne Museum. These duties included playing in all the local parks, having cups of coffee and baby chinos and walking around the streets with baby Rara and Penguin in their pusher. We even had time to wash the car.

We met most of the people involved in the project and managed to see some of the daily filming results  and then had time to explore the local forest and river where the filming had taken place. 

It is a very beautiful spot and Barham is a tidy little town with very friendly people.