Wednesday, August 19, 2015

John's 70th

I can't believe that at our get together in Healesville we were planning this event. This year has certainly flown by.
A lot has been going in the mean time and you can read about events at  georgiesphotoart   and   curdnatta.blogspot

This winter has been particularly cold and we were wondering what the weather would be like in the lead up to the celebrations for John's 70th birthday particularly as we planned to hold the event in the back yard.

Well the day was perfect! The sun shone, the musicians played, the food was amazing and the family enjoyed getting together. 

It was lovely to see Tamsin, John, Polly and Elliot again and also great that John's brothers and cousins could catch up for the first time in ages. Gail and Carolyn used to play in the back yard as children before we bought the house from the Jones family.