Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Perfect Pastels

Well "Ambitious August " has nearly arrived and with it a very busy "ARTS" time.

This week PERFECT PASTELS opens at Curdnatta. This builds on 2 previous successful pastel exhibitions so hopefully all goes well with this one. They do look good all displayed together, so much colour.

First Birthday

First Birthday by Georgie Sharp
First Birthday, a photo by Georgie Sharp on Flickr.
I have been a bit slow with keeping this blog up to date. Too much "real life" getting in the way. Before I move on I need to record Claire's first birthday which took place on the 27th June and here we are at the end of July already.
It was quite a busy celebration with lots of family and friends visiting. Well done Carly and Brad for entertaining for most of the day.

I had to rush off for lunch and a meeting with FIBRESPACE, isn't it amazing how often events overlap when it would be much more convenient to spread everything out evenly.

I was back again for tea and more family catchups ;-)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


NAIDOC  ball by Georgie Sharp
NAIDOC ball, a photo by Georgie Sharp on Flickr.

it has been such a busy few weeks. there have been several photographic shoots including The Secondary School formal, Naidoc Week Ball and a range of shots for the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden. such a great lot of people to work with and the opportunity to work on skills in a range of situations.