Sunday, March 4, 2018

Heading into 2018

It has been a while since I have updated this Blog but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy.

I have spent my blog time maintaining the Platform Gallery Blog. 

2017 Was a year of building on the work we have been doing at The Platform.
Sales of my artworks continue to be pleasing and I find my style is changing over time. 

Pastels have been selling well and I have recently added some work to an online site Blue Thumb  to see how that might compliment things. 

Fibrespace has continued its Collaboration with artists in Lapland and our "Pieces of Heaven" was recently exhibited in Helsinki and then at The Yard Purtli Gallery during the Desert Fringe.

You can see more at MARGIN TO MARGIN.

 A little experimentation with oil pastels and heat processes has resulted in some interesting results so we will see where that goes. 

Over the past 12 months I have developed my iPad drawings and experimented with repetitive designs for printing on fabric. 


Thursday, December 8, 2016

End of the year Happenings.

There has been quite a focus on the ARTS as we head towards the end of 2016.

FIBRESPACE Inc. textile artists recently held a retreat/ workshop weekend at THE PLATFORM gallery. Around 30 people attended including visitors from Lapland with whom we have formed a collaboration.
Every space in the gallery was well utilised and the great space was appreciated by everyone involved.
You can follow the FIBRESPACE journey at

Part of the Lapland connection includes research into how women in marginal places use The Arts to enrich their lives.

The new project theme is " DABULOUS" (dabbling in the fabulous)  and we also have the addition of ... sisu ya taito (persistence, resilience and skill ) the latter being offered by our visitors from Lapland.
Without giving too much away, as my thoughts grapple with new ideas, I have begun the process of developing my own fabric designs that I will have printed and available for use in my piece.

The new PLATFORM GALLERY space is ready for Christmas, I love the colour and vibrancy of this new space. 
Here you can see examples of my printed, felt and hand painted scarves, mugs and bags. 

My pastels have been selling well and with the added work of maintaining the new gallery space I have found it quite challenging to keep up the routines that ensure I regularly produce new pieces. 

As new members become more confident in their involvement with the gallery I should get a bit more time to myself to play with the things I love.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Visit to Hobart and Melbourne 2016

A quick trip to visit family in between all the happenings at the gallery.
We won't mention the falling down the stairs bit :-((
It was lovely to catch up with Steph and connect again with the lovely Hobart and her galleries and eateries. 
We had a delightful lunch at Centurion Bay for Steph's 65th birthday.


Then off to Melbourne to catch up with Polly and Elliot and of course the parents! 
Elliot at 2 is right into dinosaurs and monsters and really takes the role of roaring very seriously.
We spent a day cooking with Polly and also had a great time at "Matilda" the musical.
It was also interesting to see Tamsin and John's workspace where many of Singing Bowl's creations come together.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Just as things begin to settle down at the gallery it is time for Carly and Brad to open their new cafe.

It has taken a month of hard work with everyone pitching in but finally the cafe is ready for business.

The mural was a bit daunting but we did it. Even Claire added some patterns.

Congratulations to everyone it is a fantastic place  with a wonderful ambiance.

I was very pleased to be one of the first in for breakfast and a good thing too because it has been difficult to get back in with the place being so busy.