Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Just as things begin to settle down at the gallery it is time for Carly and Brad to open their new cafe.

It has taken a month of hard work with everyone pitching in but finally the cafe is ready for business.

The mural was a bit daunting but we did it. Even Claire added some patterns.

Congratulations to everyone it is a fantastic place  with a wonderful ambiance.

I was very pleased to be one of the first in for breakfast and a good thing too because it has been difficult to get back in with the place being so busy.

Official Opening of THE PLATFORM GALLERY

Well 6 months after we moved in we can finally call THE PLATFORM home!

The styling team has once again done an amazing job,people just love wandering around the gallery finding treasures.

The Music Club welcomed everyone with some foot tapping music and  many friends and well wishers came to celebrate with us.

Dan van Holst Pellekaan, Member for Stuart Officially opened the gallery with a great speech, congratulating everyone on their efforts and promoting the opportunity for people in the community to make the most of this new space.

The New Zealand Holiday

I can't believe I haven't posted here since the end of last year. So much has happened.

In December John and I took a holiday in New Zealand. It was so nice to just get away from everything after all the work we put into the gallery. 

We toured with AAT Kings and travelled around both Islands managing to see some amazing places and meeting some lovely people from  Australia, Hong Kong, America, South Africa and Malaysia.

The pics at Flickr are a record of the trip and I made a photo book as well.

After New Zealand we visited Tamsin, John, Polly and Elliot for Christmas.
After the pace of the previous few weeks it was lovely to slow down and spend some time with the children, visiting the park and going for coffee. 

Tamsin Polly and I did have a great day shopping in Melbourne... that girl definitely know her shoes ;-))

And the visit to the Andy Warhol  and Aye Wei Wei exhibition was fantastic.