Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kuala Lumpur

We left Adelaide on the coldest day of Winter and arrived in Kuala Lumpur around 9pm on a warm humid night. Tour East welcomed us but had trouble with their vehicle and after about 30 minutes put us in a taxi for the 45 minute ride into the city. One of the first things you notice as you drive in are the two towers that look like chrystal when lit at night.

Day one was spent exploring the city. Streets of hotels are lined up around the city which seems devoted to shopping. There are huge shopping malls ranging from a market atmosphere to high end brand names from Europe and America. A very cosmopolitan atmosphere and crazy traffic made the day unpredictable but heightened our senses so that we can better appreciate our new experiences.

The temperature is in the low to mid 30s and very humid it makes sense that many people choose to venture out in the evenings and into the night.

Although we explored several of the shopping malls, including one in the twin towers which seem to be a shrine to designer brand shopping, the highight of the day was visiting the Craft centre where there was a display of traditional musical instruments and of course information about weaving, batik, copper and silver work.

The batik material on offer for sale seemed to be prints of the original designs in much the same way that we see many prints of original Aboriginal designs in tourist centres... disappointing but to be expected. Maybe there will be prints made of our marbled fabric one day ;-))

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