Friday, September 17, 2010

Designer Solutions

The Theme for ARID this year is "ADAPT or DIE" and members of the FIBRESPACE have interpreted this in their own way. FIBRESPACE is a wonderfully liberating group that provides the opportunity to PLAY and explore ideas and concepts.

FIBRESPACE decided to use some of the poles that have previously been used in displays as a base for some fibre totems that can be grouped together as a display.
As usual life has been hectic for some members and only a few are able to participate in this exhibition but happily that left the door open for me to make more than one piece.

The title for my entries is "DESIGNER PLANTS".Description: Genetic modification and the adaptation of plants to specification is the new order of SURVIVAL.Plants that are “TACTILE” , “CONSERVE WATER” and “PROVIDE SHADE” will be on everyone’s must have list.
TACTILE - This is for Cynthia who is fighting her own personal battle at the moment and who expressed the wish that we make our work "touchable". A range of tactile fibres and a couple of bird's nests thrown in ;-)
CONSERVE WATER - Hand printed fabric in gold, using leaves from the garden. "Laced" up the back and rows of plastic piping stitched into place at the base. Plastic spoons bent to form "leaves" to catch the available water.
PROVIDE SHADE - Created with all those things one uses to set up shadecloth.
We have a great position organised, along the wall near the entrance to The Arid Lands Cafe. As these are soft sculptures we don't have to place them in the garden.

Description: Protoplasmic ooze evolving more and more complex chains of organic coding developed from the primordial ooze. These living creatures evolved from this increasing organization. As they evolved, they had to adapt to changing environmental conditions or die.
Two variants of evolutionary change are exhibited as they adapted to terrestrial aridity AND SURVIVED!

Description: The butterfly effect is a metaphor that refers to the idea that a butterfly's wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter, delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of some climatic conditions. Adapting to climate change may lie in harnessing the power of these tiny creatures.

All bush animals have to adapt to their changing environments constantly. We humans adapt the environment to suit us. Have we gone too far??? Is climate change the proverbial snake in the grass?
My snake starts the climb up his totem as a fat well fed snake in rich lush grass but the higher he climbs the thinner he gets. Is this due to climate change? He can’t adapt as he gets higher as his environment is changing too fast. Is that smog or the quick fix bandage we are trying to impose on the world that he crawls through part way up? As he reaches the top he has become almost a shadow of what he once was. Has he struck a barren dried up mud patch?
Is he dead or alive????
Only time will tell!
How can you help???


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