Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Desert Blooms

There seemed to be a break in the weather at the weekend so we headed North in search of wildflowers. It wasn't long before we realised that there was rain ahead so we made the most of what good weather was left by deviating off the main highway to take photos. There were plenty of opportunities to capture the wildflowers popping up amongst the dead wood, remnants of trees that didn't survive the drought.

We were listening to "Macca" on the radio and a woman announced there were Sturt Pea clusters North and South of Glendambo.... we decided we might as well head up to see what we could find.

On the way we pulled in to have a look at Lake Hart which is normally a dry salt lake surrounded by desert. It was full of water and the rain cloud moving in from the North created an amazing soft misty landscape which was enhanced by the lovely display of wildflowers in the rich orange earth. Breathtaking!

We arrived at Glendambo and sure enough there were several clusters of Sturt's Desert Pea our State's floral emblem and the recent showers had covered them with jewel like drops of water... wonderful!!!
A Great series of pics to sort through and share....Flinders Ranges And South Australian Tourism were quick to make a purchase.. ;-))

Images may be viewed in my "OUTBACK SET" on Flickr.

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