Saturday, May 22, 2010


My second piece for the ADAPTATIONS exhibition features a favourite old woollen dress from the late 80s that I had stored away in case I might need it.
I loved that dress, not sure if the children enjoyed being seen with me when I wore it ;-))

Recently an artist friend who does some amazing work with felt discussed the latest trend of felting old woollen garments and then using them to make hats and bags etc. I thought of all those garments that John managed to mangle in the wash ( sorry John but it is true ) ... what a wasted resource... then I remembered the dress....

After some serious washing, some internet research regarding patterns and a bit of imagination .... 1 woollen dress = 3 hats.
In retrospect I think some time in the drier might have been less harsh and easier to monitor as I have a front loading washing machine ... once the cycle begins there is no return...
However I am very pleased with the result and after they go on tour with the exhibition I will no doubt look good when doing the shopping in the 3 freezing days we get each year ........ ;-DD

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