Friday, May 21, 2010


I always find I have a massive rush of ideas immediately after I have completed a project. It is almost as if I need to empty out the old so the new can find a place to hatch and grow.

Following the FACE UP exhibition and the wedding I realised I only had a couple of months to finalise work for all my other ART's committments. With some new space in my head for creative thought I managed to come up with a couple of ideas ;-))
The theme for Fibrespace 2010 is "Adaptations" with one suggestion .. to use up the many things we hoard in our work areas...

I began by fossicking around in my STUFF ( there is lots of it ) and found some bits and pieces that I thought would go together well. I also managed to find some goodies in John's shed... tile spacers and rusty nails ;-)

The restriction for this exhibition is size... everything for each piece has to fit into a standard reusable shopping bag.

In my collection phase I found an old foam head stand and that set the theme... First I made the papier mache head with the final layer being some of my marbled silk.

I thought a simple Egyptian style headpiece would fold easily to go in the bag ... the rest was pure PLAY with quite a bit of sitting in the sun handsewing... lovely ... ;-)

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