Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

It was a quieter Christmas this year with Tamsin and John in Ireland. We had lunch with Penny and Ryan Archer, Julie, Graham , Pat, Carly and Brad as well as the children Billy, Alex and Claire. There was a lot of excitement and running around and blowing bubbles and throwing water balloons. 
It was a full Christmas lunch beginning with oysters and prawns and followed by the roast turkey  and ham with loads of vegetables and of course plumb pudding.  It brought back memories of Norma and Pat vying  over the best family pudding recipe. Mum's always created a stir with the pouring of the brandy and lighting the flame as well as the traditional threepences and sixpences that were found inside. I still have those coins.

The evening was a little quieter as everyone powered through the day. We had Christine, Robin, Melissa, Kimberly, Klay, Carly and Brad along with Kiesha, Amber, KayLee and Claire  sheltering out of the stiff breeze on the back lawn at our place. Brad expertly shucked the last of the oysters and we reluctantly ate the rest of the prawns. The pavlova that mum used to make seems redundant these days all people seemed to want was fresh fruit . The kids got on really well and managed to stay up quite late.  
There was some sad news  when Christine received a call to say her little dog had got out of the yard and been hit by a car... not a good way to end the day.

 While we were enjoying the sun Polly and Tamsin were experiencing their first Winter Christmas with John's family in Ireland. Following a bit of a scare when Polly experienced a high fever and convulsions on their first day in Dubai Polly has bounced back to her usual cheeky self.

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