Sunday, November 25, 2012

Port Augusta Now

The new Port Augusta Visitor Guide is out and full of my images ( oh and some from other people )... they look so great! Pauline Hedger has done a wonderful job of putting together a publication that showcases the many and varied aspects of the area.

Some of the images you will find on my Flickr and Facebook pages  but quite a few are those that have been popped away in a file just in case they are needed.

We live in an amazing place.

This publication coincides with the Port Augusta Now FaceBook and web pages as the council works towards shedding the perceptions that people have of an industrial and barren place.

As part of this focus I have been seconded to provide photographs that depict people and lifestyles. This will provide an additional genre for my photography topics and takes me back to an early love..... photographing people.

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