Sunday, August 12, 2012

FACE UP 2 opening

At last FACE UP 2 has been launched.

This is the culmination of 2 years work and builds on the success of FACE UP 1 in 2010. 
So much can happen in 2 years... I didn't know I was going to be a grandmother when I began this project ;-))

Held in the Yarta Purtli Gallery1 Port Augusta Cultural Centre and opened by Tania Baily.

These digital portraits are STORIES about PEOPLE created digitally using TECHNOLOGY with an ARTISTIC tweak.

STORIES: Through my work over the years I used video, audio and photos to record “learning stories”. I spent a lot of time observing children and adults to determine their personal journey.

PEOPLE: I have always been a people watcher and as a teacher it was my job to be observant and monitor people’s skills, needs, personality and progress. People are intrinsically interested in self and quite enjoy being the subject of a photograph or video… as long as it is complimentary.

TECHNOLOGY: I love technology and the computer age. I took to it like a duck to water in the very early days of computers. I have always had a camera at the ready, the old VHS video cam in the classroom and countless cameras. Through the lens and the subsequent editing I see more.

ART: I have belonged to the local art group for ages. Through ART experiences and through the sale of art works I have built an understanding of many aspects of ART and what the community will engage with and purchase, the changing tastes of people and social circumstances over time.

Each portrait has a life of its own I am never sure where ideas/concepts will go until I have the initial conversation with the person involved.

I usually have a “meeting” or a conversation over coffee with each person to discuss possibilities and this is often where the first ideas begin to hatch. I write down all the key ideas that emerge when I ask people to describe “who they are” or “who they think they might like to be”.

Generally I go away and fine tune things over time letting the concept take shape. I make a few mock up images to get an idea of the overall layout so I have a sense of how I will take the photographs and what photos I will need.

The next meeting is generally in the home of the person and this is where I find the hidden treasures that can often turn my original idea upside down or add to it immeasurably.

I find the best/most interesting lighting and if possible a plain background for portrait shots and take as many back up shots as possible – then I PLAY with Photoshop!

SYMBOLS: Over time the use of symbols has emerged in an attempt to bring some order to what is essentially a rather busy visual image. In this collection of images you will see the use of multiple images, doors and windows, which denote the many aspects or phases in a person’s life.

You can see the collection of portraits at  RED BUBBLE

This year I have also created a book and calendar for people to keep as a memento and you can find these at   

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