Saturday, April 16, 2011

Breakways - Coober Pedy

Breakways  - Coober Pedy by Georgie Sharp
Breakways - Coober Pedy, a photo by Georgie Sharp on Flickr.

After all our travelling over seas we decided it was probably time to explore our own back yard. This week we travelled up the Stuart highway to Alice Springs and then visited Uluru (Eyre's Rock) on the way home.
The centre of Australia was incredibly green after the wettest start to the year on record.
I couldn't get over the transformation of the land around Coober Pedy, having visited this town regularly in my role as Curriculum Advisor for DECS.
The Breakaways were a riot of colour with the usually dry Gibber Plains covered with green growth that played against the many shades of the rocky outcrops.

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