Saturday, January 9, 2010

40 Years

January 10 is our wedding anniversary.
In 1970 the possibilities were endless and we were young and willing to embrace the opportunities and challenges that life offered.
Here we are in 2010 in a unique partnership that could only exist through genuinely liking each other's company, a deep respect for each other's interests, skills and abilities, a remarkable sense of humour and the ability to allow each person to develop their full individual personality and potential.
You can continue the journey by visiting us from time to time at to see what new adventures have come our way.


  1. You have it just right..all those qualities, especially respect and genuine liking for each other are so important. A long time ago before I met my husband I had a word of advice from my female boss, who said that the person you marry should cherish you.I used that as a guide and its true! Obviously it worked for you too.I wish you many more happy years.(You must have been a child bride)

  2. Talent, ability, love, and good looks. You have it all! Two leading lights who have stirred the passion and generously guided many to success. Congratulations on a successful marriage and a successful life. Love to you both... Cathy and Bob xxxx

  3. Congratulations to you both ..... we celebrated 30 years last August.

    An amazing life we lead with our loved ones beside us.... I wouldn't have it any other way!