Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One Place Over Time.

I have been thinking about putting together another PhotoBook of images for quite a while but the dilema has always been "what topic?" ... "what genre?".... There are so many facets to my work.

Then out of the blue I won the opportunity (see previous post) and I had to make a decision.
The Curdnatta Photographers have a long term project "Same Place over Time" and I had been toying with ways to present my images so I decided this would be the topic of the book.

The PhotoArt team have a pretty good setup where you can work on the book and come back to it to make changes before you make a final decision and purchase. You can also share the book on line so others can see it before they make a purchase. You can take a peek at the final product here...
( if this link doesn't work for you you could try As I See It to get a sense of the layout or try viewing the 20 page version .
There is also a DVD with many of these images and more available at Curdnatta Gallery.

Oh .. now I am also working on a book to accompany my exhibition in 2010.

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