Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Now that I am a PHOTOGRAPHER....

Some how over the last 5 years I have become a photographer!!!!

People are beginning to associate me with the craft and this week I was employed to record the Premier's visit to our town. Primarily it was an opportunity for the young man who is the Labor candidate for this area in the next election ( the previous Liberal Member is retiring ) to be seen and photographed with Ministers and the Premier of South Australia at various functions.

It was an interesting day and I met some old aquaintances at the Aged Care facilities and attended the opening of the Pakani Arangka Unit at the Port Augusta Prison. This is a new concept where young Aboriginal males can be housed in a unit which is like a home and given the opportunity to see the Flinders Ranges (cultural and spiritual significance) and work on developing an outdoor area and garden.

This builds on previous opportunities ;-))

Week 17 - Signing Mounts

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